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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blog Lovin'

I am an avid reader. In my opinion there is nothing better than a good page turner or when I see my favorite magazine's new issue on stands. I know that I get to sit and read it cover to cover and explore all the new pictures and articles. It's awesome! 

Now in addition to my books and magazine, I get to read blogs!!! I am so obsessed with reading them and I follow tons of them. I can't read them all on a daily basis, but I browse and check out as many as I can. There are are many awesome ones out there on every subject under the sun! Here is a website that compiles them all in one place for you. You can make a list of your favorites and follow them from there. It's super easy to join and much easier to follow your favorites. Don't forget to add mine to your list!


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