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Saturday, July 30, 2011


{Timeless Blouse}


         Vince                                                            Daniel Rainn
         Cowl Neck Blouse $230.00                               Polka Dot Top $64.00

{Uptown Blazer}


Tinley Road                                 Hive and Honey
Bleeker Blazer $59.00                   Suede Trim Blazer $69.00

{Not Too Skinny Jeans}

Seven for all Mankind                        Joe's Jeans
The Rachel Bellbottom                     Wide Leg Jeans $178.00

{Menswear Inspired Heels}

L.A.M.B.                                                                Nine West
Nathan                                                                  Abalene   
$355.00                                                                 $89.00

{Tiered Necklaces}

Kenneth Cole New York                                              Hive and Honey
Double Layer Pendant Necklace                                   4 Layer Coin Necklace
$38.00                                                                  $28.00

{Polished Satchel}
Marc by Marc Jacobs                                                 Ivanka Trump
Classic Q Baby Grooves                                            Crystal Satchel
$358.00                                                                  $86.99

So there you have it ladies with plenty of time to gather it all before the Fall season arrives. All of the above items can be purchased at one of my favorite shopping sites that has everything I want and great deals. Not to mention that my stylist crush Rachel Zoe picks her favorite items Have fun!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Copy Cat Ideas To Try This Weekend

This is a polished denim look that you can try this weekend with items that you probably already have in your closet. It's easy to put together and looks chic and classic. 

Jayme May


Katie Holmes in Miami

I really love a sexy lace top with anything from cute shorts, skirts or in this case skinny jeans.  I adore the way Mrs. Cruise put it together (or her stylist anyway) from the color combination to the pink bra underneath. Great & easy look to copy!

Get a lace top at for $12.80

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Color me sexy! (hair trends)

Check out Ombré the hottest hair trend in Fashion & Hollywood right now! I have to admit that I am a  fan of any look that gives the illusion that you are not trying too hard and this hair trend does just that! I think it's cool, sexy and when done right (PLEASE make sure it's done right or it can go real wrong) it's fabulous. Check out the pics & how to video. Friends I would not try this at home!

Rachel Bilson                                               Hillary Duff

Okay so the key to getting the The Ombré look is to create a gradual gradual fade of colours that should either be very feathery and subtle, or if you like VERY dramatically obvious. I would go for subtle...just sayin'.
The difference between this and just letting your roots go wild is that over-grown roots typically look like two colours that don't match put side by side with an obvious borderline in between. With the Ombré it is obvious (when done right) that the effect was intended, with colours that compliment and fade into each other.

Drew Barrymore                                       Jessica Biel


    Fergie                                                Elle McPherson

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cool & Easy Hair Accesories To Try

 Vintage Swarovski Crystal Floral Brooch (Antique Silver)

Get the look:

Vintage Swarovski Crystal Floral Brooch (Antique Silver) $25.37

modern hairstyles Using Headbands to Create Modern Hairstyles 

Get the look:
Dance Headband $9.00 from 

LIGHT GOLDEN DOUBLE Twist head wrap gold Roman Greek royal princess crown tiara Mixbaby dress Headband        
Get the look for $18.99

Jade Peacock Halo Headband- peacock, wreath, blue, turquoise
Get this beautiful feather headband which includes two trends in one at for $28.00

   LOVMELY DIY- Feather Hair Extensions 3 pack
                    Get the look at for $18.00

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Summer Favorites!

A Thousand Splendid Suns (First Editon)
{Favorite Summer Read}
Find it at at

{Favorite Summer Scent-Imagine by Lollia.}

Sam Edelman 'Beatrix' Flat
 {Favorite Summer Flats}
Sam Edelman Beatrix Flat- Buy them at

{Favorite Summer Sandals}
 Antik Batik Kiss Suede Flat Sandals

Break Your Heart Yellow Purse by Urban Expressions  - Click Image to Close
{Favorite Summer Bag}
Break Your Hear Summer Purse by Urban Expressions

absolutely shore
{Favorite Summer Polish}
Absolutely Shore by Essie

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Winged Eye Liner

Okay I am that girl who really likes being all made up. If I could walk around all day totally made up like the Kardashian clan I would! One of my favorite looks is the winged eye-liner. I just think that it's dramatic and can be part of your day or night look. I have to admit that it's all about practice, practice and some more practice, but so worth it. Here is the queen of the winged eye-liner Lauren Conrad and some helpful tips to help you achieve it. 

  • Using a black liquid liner with a very thin brush such as  (mark Get in Line liquid liner) gently drag the brush along your lashline starting from the top inner corner of your eye toward the outer corner of your eye.
  • Be sure to follow the natural shape of your eye. When you try to change the shape of your eyes with liner, it actually makes them look smaller. Very counterproductive.
  • The trick is to line as close to the lashes as humanly possible.
  • The firmer you press the brush, the thicker the line will be.
  • Use a hands-free mirror and keep your eye relaxed and slightly open as you line.
  • This is very important: Once you finish lining your eye, do not blink for at least 10-15 seconds to allow the liner to dry. 
  • After you have lined both eyes, be sure to compare the liner on each eye. Are they even? If not, simply take a pointed q-tip and lightly drag the line along the eye to make it symmetrical to the other eye.
These celebrities "wing" it. 


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Copy Cat!!


Kim Kardashian at LAX-
Love this flirty summer look and I know that most of us own at least two of the pieces that she is wearing. Ripped up jeans, white tee, nude shoes.....I even have the yellow bag and bright cardigan! This is an easy look to copy with what you may already have in your wardrobe. Take the cue of the the "bright" colors and go from there! 


Cameron Diaz on her promotional tour for Bad Teacher is wearing skinny white jeans with a black tee and nude heels. Again all pieces that we should already have in our closet. Really chic look & so easy to put together!
Taylor Swift at LAX. Another adorably chic look that can be put together easily. Most of us have a black and white striped tee so all you need is a bouncy red skirt or even red shorts may work well.Check out a look-alike skirt at

Rachel Bilson leaving a business meeting in West Hollywood. Cheetah print top  with sleeves rolled up, skinny black jeans, studded bag and boots. Rachel Bilson is one of my fashion icons because she always looks put together, but comfortable. This is going to be a great fall outfit!

studded bag satchel black-bodhi nolita satchel
You need a studded bag. This is a subtle studded bag and not too over the top....for the beginner in you. 
Nolita Satchel studded bag $160 plus 50% off! Buy it at

Friday, July 15, 2011

"HOT" Date Night Looks

I have always been a huge fan of "date night", even more so after having my son. Alone time with my husband out and about is hard to come by, so when we do get to paint the town red I like to look "hot". I mean after all it's not everyday that I get to dress up!!!! Here are are some "hot" ideas to wear on your date night with your honey!

Eva Longoria with her younger man-----wearing a colorful & sexy bandage little number.

Get the look:
Keeping it short & sexy. This is a head turner! CrissCross Bandage Dress $109

Kourtney Kardashian and her baby daddy on a date night in Vegas. Very sexy little number. 

Wish I Had a Ray Gun Pink Dress  - Click Image to Close
Get the look:
Wish I Had a Ray Gun Pink $82.00