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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Color me sexy! (hair trends)

Check out Ombré the hottest hair trend in Fashion & Hollywood right now! I have to admit that I am a  fan of any look that gives the illusion that you are not trying too hard and this hair trend does just that! I think it's cool, sexy and when done right (PLEASE make sure it's done right or it can go real wrong) it's fabulous. Check out the pics & how to video. Friends I would not try this at home!

Rachel Bilson                                               Hillary Duff

Okay so the key to getting the The Ombré look is to create a gradual gradual fade of colours that should either be very feathery and subtle, or if you like VERY dramatically obvious. I would go for subtle...just sayin'.
The difference between this and just letting your roots go wild is that over-grown roots typically look like two colours that don't match put side by side with an obvious borderline in between. With the Ombré it is obvious (when done right) that the effect was intended, with colours that compliment and fade into each other.

Drew Barrymore                                       Jessica Biel


    Fergie                                                Elle McPherson

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