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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Winged Eye Liner

Okay I am that girl who really likes being all made up. If I could walk around all day totally made up like the Kardashian clan I would! One of my favorite looks is the winged eye-liner. I just think that it's dramatic and can be part of your day or night look. I have to admit that it's all about practice, practice and some more practice, but so worth it. Here is the queen of the winged eye-liner Lauren Conrad and some helpful tips to help you achieve it. 

  • Using a black liquid liner with a very thin brush such as  (mark Get in Line liquid liner) gently drag the brush along your lashline starting from the top inner corner of your eye toward the outer corner of your eye.
  • Be sure to follow the natural shape of your eye. When you try to change the shape of your eyes with liner, it actually makes them look smaller. Very counterproductive.
  • The trick is to line as close to the lashes as humanly possible.
  • The firmer you press the brush, the thicker the line will be.
  • Use a hands-free mirror and keep your eye relaxed and slightly open as you line.
  • This is very important: Once you finish lining your eye, do not blink for at least 10-15 seconds to allow the liner to dry. 
  • After you have lined both eyes, be sure to compare the liner on each eye. Are they even? If not, simply take a pointed q-tip and lightly drag the line along the eye to make it symmetrical to the other eye.
These celebrities "wing" it. 


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