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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In the spirit of fourth of July weekend I decided to celebrate American designers and put some red, white & blue into action. Here is a history lesson on just a few of my favorite American hot-shots.

Marc Jacobs is one of my all-time favorite designers. I have been known to actually gasp aloud at the sight of his uniquely fresh looks. He is an American fashion designer who creates new and exciting trends every season. I love me some Marc. 

Calvin Klein started as a famous brand of jeans that were high-end and oh-so-hot. And these days when you look at a Calvin Klein billboard you are probably going to see a super attractive model in Calvin Klein underwear. Check out Brooke Shields in her Calvins.....speaking of sexy who could forget about Marky Mark in his Calvins.......yes ladies you can Thank me later.

Ralph Lauren is best known for his Polo collection but he's produced a lot of different designs that always get attention. His looks are always neat, polished and girl next door ready for a polo match. His polos are timeless and classic and look cute with just about anything.

Donna Karan is the "DK" in the famous American fashion brand "DKNY". She is a BIG celeb favorite and creates classic looks that are timeless.

Looks from her 2011 collection.

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