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Monday, June 13, 2011

Get Noticed

Get Noticed!

I rotate between specific stores all the time depending on my mood.  I usually stick to one for a while and then move on to the next one. On my permament rotation list are H&M, Anthropologie & Zara. I have an app. to alert me whenever H&M gets new collections, I check daily almost obsessively. (Markdowns are tuesdays!) And I glance through Zara's lookbooks to get inspired. 
I am drawn to each store for different reasons. H&M satisfies my trendy side, but at prices that I don't feel guilty about. On the other hand even though Anthropologie rarely has pieces under $100.00  there items look rich and worldy and it is highly unlikely that I will find someone else wearing the same thing.  If  H&M and Anthropologie had a child it would be Zara. Zara has gorgeous pieces inspired by the life in  Spain and all over Europe. It includes low-priced lookalike products of popular, higher-end clothing fashions. 
So right now Zara tops my rotating list. I walked in the other day and gasped at the gorgeous colors that have taken over the store. Hot pink, kelly green, orange, yellow, cobalt blues and any other color  you might find in a  Skittles bag of candy! I know that many women are afraid of bright colors and rather embrace the body thinning darkness of black, but not me! I adore dressing in bright "look at me" colors. They make me happy and are a gorgeous accessory to our beautiful blue Miami sky. I have listed my favorites from the store's summer collection in no particular order. 
1. This mini skirt is amazingly chic. It comes in yellow (shown), kelly green, hot pink and orange. Just so you know I could have bought one in each color, but I didn't......I actually purchased it in green. I am a sucker for green which in my opinion looks great on about everyone! The picture is from my favorite blog and the model wore it so beautifully and girly. I plan on copying her look tonight!
2. Narrow leg trousers in hot pink! Okay, so I know this can look scary because it is such a bright color, but look how it's paired with a soft neutral color on top. It's so sweet and edgy at the same time. I ended up getting the hot pink skinny jeans, but these are adorable and you could never have too much hot pink in your closet, right? 
                                                                    {Zara Collection}

 Look at the hot pink skinny jeans pictured below with a cute polka dot top. How adorable is that?
                                   { Photo was taken by Paula on the streets of Paris}
3. Wide printed trousers in no other color than green. I tried these on and they are so soft, flowy and flattering. I swear they feel like pajamas! They make your legs look long and your body look lean and let's face it who can't use some lengthening?? These are on my wish list!
{Photo taken by Eat.Sleep.Wear on the streets of Philadelphia}
4. This skirt flew off the racks because I have not been able to find it anywhere. I really like pleated skirts. They are so fun, lady-like and timeless. They can be paired with so many different pieces from your closet plus they can be worn all year long. The one below is paired up perfectly & I would wear it in a heart beat!
{Photo taken by Ruben on the streets of Barcelona}

So there you have it, my latest "must haves" at my current favorite store. I can't get enough of Zara these days and now you know why. Happy Saturday!

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