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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let's Get Twisted...

 On my ninth birthday my step-mom created a little side pony tail hair action on my head and I thought it was amazing.  I was the only little girl at my party with fancy hair that day. Sadly that was the first and last hairstyle that I ever remember being done on me as a child. While most little girls were showing off pony tails, pig tails and fancy braids.......I had a plain old barely brushed mid part. Exciting.

So you could understand my true excitement and determination to learn how to create cool hairstyles on myself and what is cooler than a braid? Just ask any celebrity....okay well you can't really ask a celebrity, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? And a video is worth a gazillion words! I found gorgeous pictures of simple braids that I want to incorporate into my look more often. Simple and more importantly easy. 

Then I went on to search for "how to" videos to help me out and I found some really great stuff. I posted a video of the one that I have  found to be the most challenging, but so worth it! Get ready to be the coolest girl in the room or at least the one with the best hair style!

~Lauren Conrad~
{Side Braid, I've almost perfected this one!}

Audrina Patridge French Braid

~Audrina Patridge~
{I can do this one!}

~Blake Lively~
{Pony-Tail Braid----will it make me look like Blake if I do it?}

~Best "how to" on how to create the side french braid.~

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